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     I have been entertaining audiences worldwide for more than 20 years as a jazz/pop pianist and vocalist. The Los Angeles Bonaventure Hotel, Laguna Niguel Ritz Carlton Resort, Humprey’s by the Bay, San Diego Sheraton and the ANA Hotels of Japan have been like second homes to me as I have shared my love for the piano. My passion is composition and has given me the opportunity to write, produce and perform music for almost every venue imaginable from infant massage, prayer and meditation, musicals, comedies, religious productions, children’s music, convalescent homes, weddings, to industrial shows.

     From a very young age, I have been involved with our local homeless shelters, hospitals, foster homes and various parent-aide programs. Always desiring to combine my volunteer work with music, I have developed numerous music programs for the musical enrichment of those who would typically have little or no exposure to music at all. My fondest memories include an annual production put on by the residents of St. Vincent de Paul and the St. Touissant Center for Teens. I recently taught with the San Diego City School District, implementing a music experience program for young children focused on song writing, performance and world music hopefully resulting in a love for all people and cultures.

     My most beloved work is, without a doubt, leading and directing music and drama for youth. I have performed internationally with Christian worship teams in cooperation with youth, marriage, women’s and children’s organizations.

     I long above all else to share the gospel through worship and prayer in places that normally wouldn’t be able to. Following the Lord’s call to reach out to women, especially in the area of raising children & marital challenges, I speak at events concerning these topics. I have a blended family and has experienced the consequences first hand of divorce and recovering from this tragedy. In my fostering of abused children, I am committed to the reunification of families against all odds. I have worked at the San Diego Rescue Mission, Set Free, The Child Abuse Foundation, The Parent Aide Program, and for the county as a respite provider and foster parent. I am currently licensed with Walden Foster Families. I am dedicated to a lifelong calling of bringing awareness among all people concerning religious separation. I was raised in a conservative Jewish home and is a related as well to one of the largest Mormon families in Utah. The Lord has shown me how to minister to people from extreme and diverse backgrounds such as her own.

     In addition to the above work, I have been involved with administrative, management, graphics, marketing and human resources throughout. Her ability to communicate earns her the very highest reputation in customer service, problem solving, hiring, retention, and team building. I value all people and I pray that my love for humanity is evident.

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